Salad beans

0.5 kg

Similar in quality to Giant beans, this variety is also suitable for salads and traditional dishes.

Large white beans, rich in protein and fiber, gluten-free.

Nutritional value 100g % of RDP*

Reference intake of an average adult (8 400kJ / 2 000kcal)

** due to natural contained sodium

Pour the water in which you soaked the beans for several hours, wash and boil it in plain water. After boiling, leave to boil for about a minute, strain beans, discard water, pour with cold water and wait for it to boil again. Cold and warm soaking reduced the possibility of the formation of irritant substances stomach lining and reduce cooking time.

Cooking time: 80-120 min.

Thanks to their large shiny grains the delicious Salad beans Krina are a very good choice if you want to prepare both a tasty and beautiful meal.