Parboiled rice

2,5 kg

Its name originates from the special processing of the grain, which preserves a large part of the nutrients and vitamins found in the shell of the grain and the rice germ. Parboiled rice Krina is rich in B-group vitamins.

Nutritional value 100g % of RDP*

Reference intake of an average adult (8 400kJ / 2 000kcal)

** due to natural contained sodium

Do not think that “parboiled” means “pre-cooked”. Milling of the parboiled rice represents unhusking of the grain  with steam. Thus the beneficial substances of the brown layer of the grain are preserved.

1 part rice: 2-3 parts of water; simmering: 18-22 minutes.

It’s suitable for main dishes and side dishes. After cooking it is not sticky and becomes sparkling white and fluffy.