Emperor’s rice Krina

0.5 kg

The Emperor's rice Krina has an irresistible exotic fragrance and taste. After boiling it obtains a slight walnut taste, grains retain their shape and becomes purple in color.

Black rice is a source of iron, vitamin E and antioxidants, even more than in blueberries. The bran hull contains one of the highest levels of anthocyanins found in food. The grain has a similar amount of fiber to wholegrain brown rice.

Nutritional value 100g % of RDP*
1583 18,7%
384 18,7%
3,3 4,7%
0 0%
76 29,2%
0 0%
2,2 -%
8,9 17,8%
0 0%

Reference intake of an average adult (8 400kJ / 2 000kcal)

** due to natural contained sodium

The rice becomes more delicious if you fry it in some oil and then add the boiling water or broth.


proportion 1 part rice: 3 parts liquid; Cooking time: 22 min.

Best for garnishes to meat dishes, fish and game, as well as for exotic Asian recipes.