Wholegrain (Brown) Basmati rice Exotic Line

500 g Wholegrain Basmati rice keeps all the benefits of the external... See more

Emperor’s rice Krina

0.5 kg The Emperor's rice Krina has an irresistible exotic fragrance and... See more


0.5 kg Basmati rice Krina is grown in the foothills of the... See more

Sushi Rice Krina

0.5 kg Real Sushi preparation requires many skills, but rice variety and... See more
Rice Arborio

Rice Arborio

0.5 kg Whether you have decided to cook an Italian or a... See more

Red rice Krina

0.5 kg Red rice Krina is a long wholegrain rice that preserves... See more

Beluga Lentils

500 g These black lentils are called Beluga because of their resemblance to caviar. The specific color... See more

Red rice Krina

500 g Red rice Krina is a long whole grain that preserves... See more