All of our products are certified according to the International Food Standard, ver. 6, and our organic range is certified under Regulation 834/2007 for trading of bio products.

What does “rice is a natural product” mean? This means that it is not refined i.e. it is not chemically bleached. Rice is processed only mechanically by mechanical grinding and polishing of rice grains.

When we talk about natural products such as rice, however, we should always keep in mind that it may contain a small amount of impurities.
Thanks to the modern high-tech machines, today’s packaged rice is much cleaner than in the past. But we recommend that you go through the rice before cooking it.

Another important question is how do we control such a huge amount of food that arrives from five different continents? We use the services of the so-called surveyors – independent certified international companies that monitor the quality of food at the time of loading it in containers. This is the most reliable and widely recognised practice and by applying it we comply with the standards of the largest producers and importers of food around the world.