The company SuiCo stands behind the brand Krina. In 20 years our family business grew from a small shop for groceries into a large enterprise with its own ricemill, modern machineries and a variety of products that occupy a solid place on the retail market. Our products may be found in the major grocery stores, supermarkets and small groceries, on ordinary family tables and in the kitchen of the finest restaurants.


Did we imagine in the mid-1990s that one day we would import products from more than 30 countries? Of course not. Are we proud of our achievements? We just say “So far, so good and proceed.” All these years we were never afraid to experiment, learnt in the process. Sometimes we relied on our sixth sense, other times maybe we were just lucky. What matters is that the people who started this brave journey, full of challenges, are still working in the company. And they love their work.