As a food company we strive to offer every family the most basic products and they are all natural, healthy and affordable. Therefore, the most important part of our work is to maintain the best quality possible. We know that this may be achieved by constant efforts and interaction with our clients and partners, whose requirements are becoming stricter and higher.

If you want to make a recommendation or if you have complaints regarding any of our products, do not hesitate to tell us. Write us, call us or file a report. We are committed to investigate the case and respond to every client.

We pay a lot of attention to the contents of each Krina package, but also to the appearance and materials used for the packaging itself. We are aware that good-looking, functional and informative packages are important, but just like any other  responsible business we need to know what happens to those packages after use. So one of our current projects is to reduce the waste and find more environment- friendly materials for packaging without adversely affecting the price of our products.